My name is Zak Eidsvoog (that's pronounced "Aides-vog" for you curious readers). I am an eager, adaptable designer with 4 years’ graphic design coursework and 3 years’ experience working with clients, designing for print and digital media.

I currently live and work in Boston, MA and am always on the lookout for new, exciting design opportunities.



I believe in design. I believe that designers have the power and the responsibility to change the world for the better. I believe in hard work. I also believe in humor, fun and play. In fact, I believe that these elements are at the root of my favorite kinds of design.



I work by hunting for passion in the projects that come before me. The work I’m most proud of has arisen out of playful iteration that wouldn’t have happened without passion. I get passionate about a lot of things when it comes to design. Sometimes I am passionate about subject matter. Other times, I find passion in systems or formal considerations.



I am a person about a lot of things. I am about design. I am about color and art and drawing. I am a person about board games and video games and little games on my phone. I am about my friends. I am a person about the future. Sometimes, I am also a person about wishing I were more about the present. I am a person about possibility and opportunity. I am a person about saying yes.



Projects I find engaging involve exploration and play. They involve me crafting mockups from scraps of paper to try and capture ideas too abstract to put into words, then turning those mockups into a final piece that actually communicates. I’ve made transforming business cards, maps overlayed on the sides of strange shapes and 3 dimensional letters that morph together and borrow each other’s faces. I’m fascinated by the dimension that exists between 2-D and 3-D design.

Hey that's me!