Adidas "A-team" Promo

This is a 3-dimensional object I designed for a special design team at adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. I was approached with the project by a contact at adidas who wanted something to give the 11 founding members of a new group, called the "Advanced Design Team" or "A-team" for short. I used Cinema 4D, a modeling program that I had no previous experience with, to design this object. It was then 3-D printed in one of the adidas design labs in Germany and distributed to the 11 "A-team" members.

Because this object was a sort of "thank you" to the new team members, my main goal was to make something that would be fun to receive. I designed this object without a clear top or bottom, and included a few points of interest around the form that would encourage people to turn it in their hands and find the orientation most pleasing to them. The overall shape is also made up of 11 unique faces, alluding to the collaboration between the team members for whom it was designed.