2016 was an eventful year for me (and I'm not even talking politically). It was the year I left my first job to begin freelancing, the year I worked on my first published board game project (make that projects), and the year that I got engaged to an amazing person who has been my best friend and partner for the past nine years. On top of that I traveled to Belize, Germany and Austria, I moved cross-country to start living in Boston and I even started teaching myself to juggle. I decided to commemorate these and some of the other things that were part of my 2016 with a series of animations that would provide a fun update for people curious about me, and that would give me a chance to continue developing my animation chops. Enjoy!

As is typical with my design process, this project began with sketches and storyboarding that eventually led to the development of an overall color palette and illustration style. I then built out the individual assets for each animation and used Adobe After Effects to bring everything to life. I wanted each animation to involve a relatively simple, but unique type of motion, such that each one felt special without looking out of place. Here's hoping next year has enough cool stuff in store to merit its own set of animations as well!