I like games. I believe they are a unique medium for communicating ideas and I think the field of game design has the ability to inspire more engaging - and fun - everyday design solutions. Through my senior graphic design thesis project at Oregon State University, I spent six months researching game design and its potential impact on the design of user experiences. At the end of this process, I designed the interface for a game-inspired project management toolkit for designers and created a concept video highlighting the toolkit’s main features.

The project kicked off with an intense three months of research into game design and the qualities of games. This culminated in a research paper that in turn led to the creation of my designer toolkit, which I would eventually name MARK.

After conducting a series of experiments to identify how best to apply the concepts from my thesis research, I decided to design a game-like solution to help designers improve themselves and their design processes. I named the resulting program MARK, using the concept of an archery target as a metaphor for achieving personal and professional goals as a designer.

As part of MARK’s concepting process, I created a video to help solidify and communicate the intent of my design. I shot all of the footage myself and used Adobe After Effects to generate the example program screen captures.

Click the link below to see a visual representation of the entire project from start to finish.